We pride ourselves on providing the most professional and reliable services in the area.  We work hard to ensure that you are completly satisfied with your installation and our continued service.

o site visit
o water supply and demand assessment
o site drawing with system components and     specifications
o approval
o permits
o pipe, box, valves, and heads
o controller, backvalve

Watch the GREEN begin !
We can customize an installation for you.

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New England
Irrigation Inc.
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Rocky Hill, CT

NEI's Custom Design:  Taking your landscaping and lawn into consideration, NEI will analyze and plot your property.  Checking for special requirements of terrain, climate, soil, local codes and water source, we will determine any potential installation problems.  When every pertinent detail has been explored, we will propose the most economical and efficient system for you.
NEI's Installation:   Modern installation techniques provide clean pulling of the pipe through the ground effortlessly.  (MINIMAL DIGGING)  Its almost invisible, even during actual installation.  If narrow trenching is necessary, your grass will be replaced immediately.  You'll hardly know we were there.  Remember, your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

NEW ENGLAND IRRIGATION, INC. can save you money by reducing water bills.  Using only as much water as you need, a NEI system utilizes low-precipitation rates for soak-in watering without wasteful run-off and timed application to minimize evaporation.  Go Green.