Facts And Advantages of Underground Sprinkler Systems

What Makes a Lawn Healthy and Beautiful?
Most homeowners want lush green lawns and beautiful landscaping.  It's pleasant to look at, of course it adds to the value of your home, provides a cooling effect, and provides a good play area for children and the entire family.  Happily, with basic attention, a lawn can practically take care of itself.  But, the basics are vital.

Three Basic Factors For A Good Lawn
Climate - The climate determines the type of grass and plants that you need and their growth rates.
Soil - The soil provides the reservoir for water, nutrients, and elements necessary for plant growth.
Management - Your regular control program of fertilizing, mowing, pest control, and watering.

All three factors are necessary to consider for your lawn growth and health.  There is very little you can do about the climate except choose the proper grass initially.  Soil problems can be corrected by adding proper soil amendments.  But your most important contribution is good management.

Consistency is Key
Consistency is the most important factor in good lawn management.  And watering usually is the most inconsistent aspect.  It's frequently put off until the lawn is obviously dry and parched...then over watered in an effort to soak the lawn back to health.  This "brown and soak" method of watering is most costly and wasteful of all lawn procedures...the most in need of improvement...and the easiest to do something about.

Hose End Watering Won't Work
You can try watering by hand, setting a movable sprinkler, or using a traveling sprinkler.  But none can give you the beautiful results that you can enjoy with an automatic underground sprinkler system from New England Irrigation Inc.

Why is an Automatic System so Much Better?
Precision automatic sprinkler systems take the guess work out of watering...automatically.  You can depend on the high quality sprinkler products and installation from NEI that assure...
1. The right amount of water.
2. Evenly distributed in the right places.
3. Applied at the right time.

Precision Watering
No more "spotty patches."  Strategically placed, efficent sprinkler heads in a custom designed system provide consistent coverage, even in hard-to-reach, out-of-the-way areas.
An Automatic sprinkler system leaves you free to enjoy your home...relax...rest...entertain or enjoy other leisure fun.  It works, silently, while you sleep, in the early hour of the morning...when water pressure is best...and the evaporation rate is at its lowest.  Go Green.
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